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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get IV therapy if I am pregnant?
A. While most IV therapy may be safe for pregnant women, we are not treating pregnant women at this time. 


Q. I’m under 18 years old. Can I get IV therapy?
A. We do not administer IV therapy to minors. 


Q. How long does an IV therapy session take? 
A. IV therapy typically takes around 30 minutes-1 hour depending on your unique needs and type of IV therapy solution. 


Q. Does IV therapy hurt?
A. Typically, not at all. We pride ourselves on using high-quality products to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. If desired, we can administer a numbing spray at the injection site prior to your IV therapy treatment. 

Q. How often can I get IV therapy?
A. Everyone is different and has unique needs. Some people respond best to weekly treatments, while others may only require a single session per month. Factors that determine IV therapy frequency are:
• Physical activity
• Nutrition
• Quality of sleep
• Stress level


Q. Do I need to make an appointment?
A. All treatments are by appointment only. Please call (901) 445.6371 for more information.


Q. Do you offer customized treatments not on your website?
A. Yes! After your initial consultation, additional medications or supplements can be added to your treatment to achieve the desired effect. 


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